We are deeply saddened by the death of Richard Leakey, our founder, friend, and visionary leader.

Richard’s idea for Ngaren grew out of his desire to translate the science of human origin into captivating content, and create experiences that will bring people face-to-face with the forces of change that brought about our existence. He believed that by showing us how life, landscapes, and climate have changed over time, and how living things responded to those changes, we could learn invaluable lessons as we navigate our future.

As Richard said in a statement in 2019, “Ngaren will not be just another museum, but a call to action. As we peer back through the fossil record, through layer upon layer of long extinct species, many of which thrived far longer than the human species is ever likely to do, we are reminded of our mortality as a species.”

Our condolences to his wife Meave, and his daughters Louise and Samira. May he rest in peace.